Keep Arabic numerals out of our schools!

Why are our children being forced to learn Arabic numerals?

Most parents are unaware that children today are being forced to learn Arabic numerals as part of the common core curriculum! The insidious creep of critical race theory in our schools brings even more exposure to arabic numerals. With our public schools struggling to stretch scarce funding to educate our children, why should resources be squandered on indoctrinating youth with these foreign, fundamentalist digits? These are public funds being directed towards radicalizing our children’s basic math skills and it must stop!

Stop out-of-control government interference in our schools!

The common core curriculum and critical race theory expressly advocate the teaching of Arabic numerals to our children as a cornerstone of their education. This is another extreme overreach of the federal government driven by the liberal agenda to impose their politically-correct, leftist values on a generation of future Americans. Elitist educators will try to tell you that Roman numerals are still taught in addition to Arabic numerals. But this is mere lip-service to the Christian heritage of our great nation since math skills from basic arithmetic through advanced calculus all still rely on Arabic numerals!

It is time to get the federal government and their covert muslim agenda out of our schools. Did you know that every single executive order that President Barack Hussein Obama signed were numbered using Arabic numerals? What kind of message does this send our children when they see leaders embracing a radical, foreign, extremist numbering system?

It is time to Make America Great Again and take back our number system from subversive, foreign influence.

Protect American Values!

Apologist academics argue that Arabic numerals are a superior system of numbering and have nothing to do with a radical, jihadist political agenda. What they don't tell you is that the history of Arabic numerals is steeped in violence and conquest!

Arabic numerals were brought from north Africa to Europe in the middle ages during the Muslim conquest of Spain! Indeed Arabic numerals were taught by the sword and many brave Spaniards died trying to resist this foreign number writing system. Why should we endanger our children today by exposing them to these numbers born of violence and the blood of Christian Martyrs?

Good, God-fearing, Christian parents can not allow these foreign influences to be forced upon America's children any longer. If Arab immigrants want to teach their children Arabic numerals and use them in their own home, that is of course their right. And as Americans, who are welcoming and not at all xenophobic, we accept this. However it is NOT okay for them to use Arabic numerals in plain sight of our American children, giving them the idea that a decimal-based counting system is acceptable. These offensive, foreign influences have no place in the classroom and we will no longer suffer being persecuted for our American values by submitting to this foreign numbering system.

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